Autumn – Spring

Kaprun competition face
on the road again
home sweet home
look whos there
sun is shining
more climbing
the way to go
sun is shining2
sun is shining3
my little pony
göschenen climbing
he made a new ski
sooooo nice to be back
so many roses!
so its rolling
still white
finally they got each others
Widen Invitational
too short not
a start start
a start
still white

August – training

Here I am, in the middle of a perfect training surroundings in the middle of Stockholm next to my home.

Having a nice and inspiring training program.

Full of energy after a great summer.

-   looking forward to the Autumn and training.




Oh my god it was nice…

Summer 2012


Summer summer summer – still goes on!























May – Riksgränsen, season end

Uuu jeah!


What a grate ending for the season! Perfect week in Riksgränsen.

Only a couple of years it’s been possible to race the all four competition runs that are base of the competition in Riksgränsen. Every year it’s almost always at least one run that needs to be cancelled, most often due the poor visibility for the judges.., or too rough conditions for skiing safe.

This year we managed to ski all the days, on soft snow and on perfect conditions.



For my part I was, actually for the first time in years, a bit nervous before the competition.

For the whole season I had a lot of problems in competitions and didn’t really get the right flow.. Maybe it’s because I had too high hopes of my alpine skills..,or, well, after the season I would say it’s been more of a matter inside my head.. :)  ..anyway, the qualification runs I took rather easy. I was sick of falling and decided to go safe. I still made it to the finals in both categories. There, during the first day, I actually got done some of my best competition skiing ever, and on alpine skis – stoked!!

For the third competition day I felt quite tired, chose an easy line for the first run, which was on telemark skis. That went great and I decided to go all in on the alpine run. That was the last run and for me it was the eight time to do a competition run in three days. I got a bit of lost, managed to do a nice cliff in the end, but didn’t have the power left to stomp it. After all, you get quite tired climbing up the face, preparing for,  and skiing down a competition run. And for this time eight times were maybe too much..

Well, ended up my season with a run crashed, but still, most important, super happy! I let myself to be tired, there was a reason for that, but I’m still super happy that I did some skiing on the second day, that I’ve been looking for the whole season. Nice flow, some nice tricks, fun skiing!






Have a great summer and don’t forget the sunscreen, nor olive-oil.


April – Röldal freeride

Finally I’m on a starting list in Röldal. A competition that I’ve wanted to participate in for so many years, but always had something else for the time.

I had a super nice trip there whit my mate Rasmus…, but unfortunately the men’s ski category was cancelled.., sketchy snow, sketchy conditions and some crazy speed flyers…. Well, too bad, but that’s how it is.

For my part it didn’t really matter because my competition ended up on one more crash in the qualifiers.  hmmm.. I need to start stop crashing I think!


Next stop: Riksgränsen




April – Stockholm

For the first time in several years I’ve been hanging off skis this much in April. But, even though I heard that the conditions are super good in the Alps, it’s been actually just nice to stay still, get legs properly healed, go trainging, climbing, enjoying the warm spring in Stockholm. Next stop Röldal.





Mars – enjoying the best conditions in Andermatt


Back home in Andermatt after Nendaz.

I came home and heard that our pisteur friend had opened the top of Gemsstock the day before with some 80cm of new snow!


Too bad I still have some sore legs after my crash at the finals in Nendaz, but I still could go up and enjoy the sun. And to see friends ski the powder, is sometimes even nicer than to ski it by yourself..























Mars – Nendaz Freeride

Done with my fifth competition for the season; Nendaz Freeride, known for its really nice final face and good level of skiing.

This year, again, we were quite lucky with the weather and had the race with sun and good snow. On the qualifier day I had a small crash on the first run, but made a nice second run and made it just for the finals.

On the finals though, I somehow managed to take a wrong cliff which I noticed in the air, saw that it was quite rocky down there. I really haven’t done that kind of a mistake before, but now I have and have to say that I was quite lucky not hurt myself big time. Just some sore legs.

Anyway, the week-end was really nice and especially good for my friend Wille who, with coming on the third place, secured his place for the FWT for the next season. Congratulations!


For me, Andermatt, snow, Stockholm and the Röldal with some new energy.









Mars – First Track Freeride

The sun has been shining, snow is great and the Alps are giving its best.

I just came home to Andermatt from my fourth competition for the season, The First Track Freeride in Chandolin, St Luc.

This time we had a different setup for the competition. The competitions face was the same for two days and everybody had one run a day and the both scores counted for the total points. The venue was really inspiring and one could choose everything from nice and fast freeride lines to more extreme lines.

The snow was great and the level of skiing was really high, which was nice to see.


For me the competition didn’t go right as planned. On day one I had a nice line, ending up 6th, but on the day two I managed to find some sun affected and crusty snow that I could’t ski the way I wanted to, ending up just skiing down without having too much fun.. Anyway, my total scores were enough for 8th place and that was of course a nice thing.

Next weekend Nendaz, looking forward to that!


Matilda Rapaport scored the best points, again!





February – a collection of our Spanish road-trip































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